Radio-Canada launches podcast

Today m-c and myself went to the launch of Radio-Canada‘s first podcast, Bande a part, which focuses on certain sections of Québec for new music. The first week is devoted to Rouyn-Noranda (Obviously Google is misinformed on this particular subject.)

It was a nice shmooze party (a few pics) where I met some cool people that will be strongly influencing new media in Québec in the coming years, I feel. It’s pretty strange for me to be involved in all this, because I’m just a monkey that started on this scene recently (although I love what I’m doing).

Anyway, if you’re interested in what’s coming out of this feed, check it out! It’s worth a listen even if you’re not primarily francophone.





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  1. Ella Avatar

    OMG that map of ‘Rouyn-Noranda’ is hilaaarious. I always suspected there was nothing there, glad to see my suspicions confirmed. I suppose all of the people who live there are wild eyed hermits in huts in the forest.

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