jesus h christ

my internet connection is currently very buggy, and i’m finding it incredibly frustrating. i am starting to have serious problems with sympatico being unable to provide basic customer care and/or basic services at any given time. one or the other would be tolerable, but they give me neither.

update: only thing to do when 95% of the web is inaccessible: shop on amazon.





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  1. Dave Avatar

    I was debugging my father’s internet connection the other day (also Sympatico). What I found out was that DNS requests were taking a really long time, and in some cases were timing out. So although it looks like the connection is just really slow, in fact what’s slowing everything down is having to wait for responses from Sympatico’s shitty DNS servers.

  2. m-c Avatar

    same over here. really bad connection since 2 or 3 weeks..

  3. Nico Avatar

    Heh, i’m not alone. Some of my ISP offices caught fire at the beggining of august. Today, almost a month and a half later, email services are still having trouble and web hosting services never came back up. And the connection would go down for a while sometimes. It must be a global thing; ISP (and cell phone companies) suck ass.

    By the way, did you know that in spanish “simpático” means “nice” or “likeable”?

  4. Bob Avatar

    After being stable for almost a year, I’ve been having huge problems with Sympatico DSL the last few weeks.. Customer service is a joke on a good day.

    So I’ve pulled the trigger and ordered Videotron, which means fro the same bucks I’ll get more bandwidth (we’ll see)… I know the customer service won’t be any better, but I’m hoping I won’t need them as much…

  5. Nico Avatar

    You guys have limited bandwith? They wanted to limit it here but everyone bitched about it so for now we’re still unlimited.

  6. Krash Coarse Avatar

    I had SymPRATico for a couple of years in the city before we moved to the boonies, hardly ever had trouble with them until a couple of months before we left.

    Videotron (so far) has been really good, always on, always fast. But I know from dealing with their tech support in a professional capacity, that they’re friggin useless…

    Luckily, I haven’t had any trouble with them at home yet (fingers crossed).


  7. Dave Avatar

    Dude. Here’s the skinny: Check out this page:

    for information on how to set up alternate DNS servers. I recommend using any of the following servers (they work for me):

    As an added bonus, you’ll have access to the opennic TLDs, such as the .geek, .null and *shudder* .fur domains

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