ioyh 72 – edan, sole, liliput, i am x

here is a new show for you guys until i can get back to a computer. i really need a laptop.

My Odeo Channel

edan (with a good article on him)
sole (or a nice anticon sampler)
i am x






3 responses to “ioyh 72 – edan, sole, liliput, i am x”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Today’s podcast is brought to you by the word ‘wanker’.

    Love it!

    Hey Julien – where’s my Immortal Technique CD?!

    I know, I know… Canada Post/USPS… they suck.

    Keep it up.

  2. Krash Coarse Avatar

    Hey J,
    Thanks a bunch for the mention!

    Right with ya on the walking, I walked from Sherbrooke/Peel to Pointe St-Charles and back today. I had an after-lunch meeting, and decided to leave early and eat on the walk. I love walking through the older parts of town. Used to live a block away from where I went today.

    The journey is the better part of “getting there” sometimes 🙂

  3. jason Avatar

    first timer checking out the show. found out about ioyh from the accident hash website. definitely feelin’ the edan and sole cuts. great site design also. keep doin’ your thing.

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