ioyh 74 – these arms are snakes, mf doom, khyro feat bleubird

ioyh 74 and we got some francophone ish for you this time round.

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new direct link. please use this one.

key info:
dax pierson
these arms are snakes
mf doom
khyro is a member of atach tatuq (“tie up your tuque”) and his cd is available at esoteric in mtl
jus allah
dead prez
the organ (play oct 12th at main hall)
the nation of islam
5 percent (or nation of gods and earths)






6 responses to “ioyh 74 – these arms are snakes, mf doom, khyro feat bleubird”

  1. Krash Coarse Avatar


    you posted at 4:30, it’s nearly 7:00.
    Odeo not updated, and the file is not available from your own site.

    thought you should know…

  2. groundctrl Avatar

    i think it may be fixed. still a bit slow, but it loads. i’ll look into it. thx.

  3. groundctrl Avatar

    ok, use the new link please. it’s fine now fo sho.

  4. mrhaag Avatar

    You mentioned that you’re looking for a good book. KRS-ONE wrote a book called “Ruminations” (ISBN: 1566492742). It is a very good book, unfortunately I couldn’t find it on

  5. Deniz Avatar

    That These Arms Are Snakes album is fucking wonderful.

    And as for racism and homophobia in hip-hop, I just plain don’t listen to it. One of the reasons why my hip-hop repretroire is so limited is because so much of it has bullshit hate lyrics. It’s really rare to find a political hip-hop album that doesn’t piss me off in some way. The Coup wins at not pissing me off, and very few other groups.

    If I could steal from Saul Williams, “Black? It’s bigger than black.”

  6. […] ip hop artist with every subsequent release. Julien podcasted some of his stuff recently. Here also. These cats also get some press in Wired (urg) mag. Get schooled ya’ll. […]

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