ioyh 75 – voxtrot, addek, kill your idols

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links later, it’s still raining and i’m hungry.

kill your idols






9 responses to “ioyh 75 – voxtrot, addek, kill your idols”

  1. Dave Avatar

    “playing Fear Factor for the $50,000 he needed to give his father basic healthcare”

    Fuckin harsh! I had to pause the show when I heard that. See why I don’t watch television?

  2. Dave Avatar

    Heh. I laughed when you said “jew-fro”.

    Oh, and thanks for outing me as an ex-Jew, you wanker.

  3. Deniz Avatar

    The whole “OMFG FAT WRECK POSTED A BUNCH OF MUSIC ON THE PODSAFE MUSIC NETWORK! I LOVE JESUS!” deal is bullshit. They only posted the songs that they have available for free download already, which they already classified as universally podcast.


  4. Deniz Avatar

    Yea, the second-to-last word in that last comment should be podsafe.Also, that Addek track was SWEET! And Kill Your Idols are a wonderful band.

  5. brooke Avatar

    holy cow, I really like these voxtrot people. HOLY SHIT THEY LIVE IN AUSTIN! I knew there was a reason I’m in Texas!!!

  6. Cate Avatar

    Hi Jules,
    Great selection of music today – first band
    rather “The Cure-ish” sounding.

    Cate in the UK.

  7. Alex Avatar

    Hook up those links J, I need to find out more about some of these tracks!


  8. mhp Avatar

    J, the iTunes feed title for ioyh 75 is “podshow music rewind 1”.

  9. Big Mike Avatar

    Glad I could help ‘punk’ you, although in certain circles that might be considered a bad thing.
    The thing about Fat Wreck is this: they took the time to post those songs. Whether or not they’re free already isn’t the point. People can hear them that might otherwise not.

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