podshow music rewind 1

i put a podcast out on the server today which is the full first show of Podshow Music Rewind (as discussed on CC Chapman’s blog here). if you don’t want to listen to it, that’s cool, but i figured it’d be interesting for some people that don’t know much about the people who do the podshow music network shows. in the future, you can pick it up here, subscribe in iTunes, or whatever.





4 responses to “podshow music rewind 1”

  1. [insert clever name] Avatar

    Dude, great find! I’m so subscribing.

    Also, “Wanker” is a good word!

    Try this : When someone in your entourage uses the word “douchebag”, interject and ask “do you even know what a douchebag is?”. Hilarity insues.

  2. Dave Avatar

    I thought the idea of podcasting was supposed to be about getting away from the sound of mainstream radio…this is just like your average crap rock station.

    But yeah – ‘wanker’ is a great word. So is ‘bollocks’.

  3. Deniz Avatar

    Yea, I really hate it that podcasts feel like it’s “professional” to have absurdly shitty cheesy FM-style voice-overs with annoying background music.

  4. Big Mike Avatar

    I own three douchebags. One of them is green and one used to be my mother’s, and is plaid.
    Surely you must be speaking of “douchewaffle”, of which I’m sure you’re familiar.

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