ioyh 76 – edan, theology 3, we are wolves

lots of great music + secrets.

My Odeo Channel

(or a direct link perhaps?)

in order of play:
an interview with theology 3 (it’s all i got, sorry.)
we are wolves
whatever you say i am by anthony bozza. an excellent listen.






4 responses to “ioyh 76 – edan, theology 3, we are wolves”

  1. [insert clever name] Avatar

    You forgot to add the direct link. I check out Chrome w/ m-c last night. Pretty sweet.

  2. R Avatar

    Awesome music.

    I am apparently to stupid to figure out who plays what track.

    The first full song was at about 3:30. You introduced it as something like “Rock and Roll featuring Dagga”.

    Is that by Edan?

    I followed the link, but they have no sample tracks?

    Any extra stuff you could put in your show notes would be realy helpful for freaks like me who try to track down the music on the show…
    Even, when you mention the Eminem bio or the music you were listening to on the bus, if you could list those things that would be great.

    I am relistening to the show to try to catch what track each song is, but I just cant figure it out…

    Good luck with the job, but what is it?

    Sorry I’m rambling, I have 2 kids and I havent slept for over a week. Anyway, I love the music, I just want to find it!

    R in Denver.

  3. Krash Coarse Avatar

    J, that’s too bad about cpoeira… hopefully you can find another outlet you enjoy. Sounds to me like you learned the lesson: don’t get stepped on by assholes, leave… they’re not worth the aggravation, or the assault lawsuits.

    You don’t even need words; just give them a “va chier, mon tabarnac” look, and ignore them thereafter. It especially pisses off showoff blowhard types, ’cause they usually only do it for the attention 🙂

    Chin up, buddy!

  4. [insert clever name] Avatar

    I maintain “I’m cold and there are wolves after me” would be THE ultimate wolf band name.

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