ioyh 77 – tweak, humanifesto, army of the pharaohs

so i have this show, and it’s on the internet and whatever. yeah, it’s cool, go check it out.

My Odeo Channel

(direct link)

tweaker (a sort of nine inch nails side project)
army of the pharaohs






4 responses to “ioyh 77 – tweak, humanifesto, army of the pharaohs”

  1. mhp Avatar

    Re: length of time of the show. I’ve heard from several different sources, including Curry and CC, that multiples of 20 minute for podcasts seem to be best. So either no BS talk and go 20 min… or a little more BS talk and another track to hit 40 min.

  2. Steve Avatar

    *Sniff*…*sniff*… I seem to be smelling something. Smells kinda like guilt? Weird!

  3. Krash Coarse Avatar

    Who says you need a fuckin’ formula?? Do what YOU wanna do, that’s why we listen to you, because we like the wanker that you are. Formulas will get you listeners in the short run, but then the formula gets boring and people leave. If you wanna play 5 tracks one day, and 2 the next, fine! Talk shit for 80% of a show, and play one tune… fine!

    Formulas are for RADIO…

    Keep on keepin’ on, bro.

  4. John Avatar

    Ok, just when I start to slow down on your show and have remote thoughts about dropping the feed, a show like 77 comes along. I listen in the car, and I was laughing the whole drive to work.

    About the refernece to the D&D stuff, next I think you will reveal that you are secretly a larper.

    Bummer about the bad french. A few more years in Quebec and you should start to get the hang of it.

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