ioyh 79 – felt, jus allah, doom feat talib kweli

this show features a lot of hip hop that you haven’t heard yet, so listen to it to get skilled.

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felt‘s felt 2: a tribute to lisa bonet
jus allah‘s all fates have changed
dangerdoom‘s the mouse and the mask






2 responses to “ioyh 79 – felt, jus allah, doom feat talib kweli”

  1. jason Avatar

    fantastic show. was surprised to hear jus allah in this one, given the whole talk about pro-black hip-hp a few shows back and not being able to play dead prez and all. the felt track was amazing – been hearing very good things about that album. and dangerdoom is just brilliant. absolutely loved the madvillain album from last year with doom and madlib, so i was wondering if dangermouse would be as good. incorporating samples from *space ghost: coast to coast* always helps. (very silly cartoon show on the cartoon network in the us, if you didn’t already know) i’m all for the variety on your podcast, but i have to say: thank you for bringing the hip-hop. peace.

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