ioyh 81 – starseven, veda, fanman, brother ali

a new show with loads of shownotes (compared to usual, anyway).

My Odeo Channel

direct link (although you should be subscribing)

starseven (pmn link) – my money back
extra super action show promo
comment by neil gorman from the foolish humans podcast
veda – the falling kind
weird, possibly inappropriate, revelation
comment by darcy, who tells me not to put this on your show, you bastard
comments on panhandling
brother aliforest whitaker

podcasters mentioned: foolish humans, oka-zoo, bob&aj, catfishshow, electricsky (he was there but i forgot to mention him)






5 responses to “ioyh 81 – starseven, veda, fanman, brother ali”

  1. Kat Avatar

    Kat just told me that you talk about Steve on every show. I am getting some roommate jealousy, I think that if you want to talk about any of us, you ought to talk about us all equally. Like that tampon commercial, bring some only if you have enough for everyone, or at least for us girls.

  2. Pauli Avatar

    Hi. Thanx a lot for playing our song in your podcast!!! It’w a really great show, we love it.

    So keep on rocking!!!

    Pauli & Starseven from Italy

  3. Kat S. Avatar
    Kat S.

    Seriously, hook Darcy up with his own podcast, because that was the most entertainment I’ve had all day. Also, just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the tracks you chose for this show. Keep it up. xo

  4. Mark (Electric Sky) Avatar

    Show notes? What show notes? 🙂

  5. jason Avatar

    thank you for closing with “forest whitaker”, the one Brother Ali cut i’m familiar with and hadn’t heard in a while. as for the show notes, i was cool with them before the more detailed ones showed up, but i’m new to the whole podcasting thing and easy to please. i just started putting up show notes myself on my own podcast (only six shows deep, i’m a newborn), but it’s more like a playlist, really. at any rate, another fantastic show. keep ’em coming…

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