Hip Hop Set #2

tonight, instead of a regular show, i put together a 49 minute mix of hip hop music, with just a touch of talking. i figure i can allow myself these every little while – i really enjoy the end result after working to find just the right tracks.

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there are a lot of artists that i played on this, so here’s the list (being built, in progress):

addek – “not our war” [sample] (also on the pmn)
jedi mind tricks feat. gza/genius – “on the eve of war”
canibus – “cemantics”
sage francis – “dance monkey” (prod. by daddy kev)
assasyn dynasty – “vaccination”
euphrates feat. virtuoso – “flow addict”
edan – “fumbling for words that rhyme”
immortal technique – “caught in the hustle”



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5 responses to “Hip Hop Set #2”

  1. Alex Avatar

    Dig the detour show Julien… these once in a while would be tight.


  2. Matt Lubniewski Avatar

    This got my night started right. Great mix of tracks. Peace.

  3. Alex Avatar

    This is one of the few podcasts I’ve listened to over and over and over and over again… Bought two CDs because of this show specifically in fact… Keep these little specials going Julien, they are a wonderful treat…


  4. Dave from the fake south shore Avatar

    The name dropping you do is, in my opinion, a non-issue. I don’t mind it, and frankly if I had just started listening to your podcast and I liked it, and you mention someone else who has a podcast that you hung out with, I would be inclined to go check them out myself. Although they don’t add anything to your funny, shocking, and or witty story I don’t find that they’re in the way.

    On the other hand, being a tech geek, some tech related podcasts I listen to mention other tech podcasters that are super popular on the net right now way too often and get into the rut of only talking about them, which ends up making me tune out from their show.

    Anyway great show, hiphops not my forté but I can learn to at least give it a chance. Keep up the great shows.

  5. […] I didn’t talk a lot in here (ok, at all), so I don’t have a lot of notes. But please consider downloading my otherhiphopsets if you liked this one. Which I know you did. […]

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