ioyh 83 – jean grae, ghislain poirier, dangerdoom

we’re getting really close to my one year anniversary, but not quite there yet. to keep you waiting, here’s a quick show full of good beats.

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jean grae – “fyre blazer”
ghislain poirier – “ou je voulais aller
dangerdoom – “sofa king”






3 responses to “ioyh 83 – jean grae, ghislain poirier, dangerdoom”

  1. [insert clever name] Avatar


    I totally blogged about the Danger Doom cats last week. Great minds think alike I guess. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing. Is Stone’s Throw cool about the podsafe thing? I emailed them like 2 weeks ago for some Madvillain tracks. Slackers never replyed.

  2. Krash Coarse Avatar

    Hey J, you continually dig up good stuff 🙂

    Already liked DangerDoom, now I’m diggin’ Jean Grae and Ghislain Poirier too. I love to hear music done in “Quebecois street French”, rap or rock… but I hate websites that auto-blast music at you (when you’re at work).

    Nice shownotes BTW! … I actually went from your page directly to GP’s to check out his shit. Ahh, the magic of hyperlinks… St-Tim-Berners-Lee would be proud…


  3. brooke Avatar

    obviously, I was about 4 when the whole riot grrl movmement flourished. but from what i gather, riot “grrls” were just doing something new-er/different. there’s nothing wrong with being part of a gender-specific group, as long as you appreciate the other group and don’t tend to say “our group is better”. I don’t think riot grrls’ “feminism” was ANTI-male (such feminism is pretty pretentious). but anti-male is NOT the same as celebrating femininity without males. female-only commiseration is completely appropriate in terms of creating previously-unrealized empowerment.

    and of COURSE the teen-vegans are usually/probably elitists! why do you think they are vegan and hot or whatever? they’re being revolutionary or whateverthefuck. well that is a big generalization, because I generally don’t like overtly gorgeous people. haha, you didn’t even say they were hot..

    and that all probably made me sound like a complete idiot. i’m not even gonna say “oh well.”

    You said “go fuck yourselves!” so much on this show, it was fun(ny). ha. i’m already caught up to show 85 and still writing this… (get off the internet, brooke.)

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