interviews, etc.

today i went to yulblog after having a wonderful interview with the francophone newspaper la presse in the afternoon. both events went spectacularly well. the interview included m-c and andre, two great podcasters who it was really great to chat with, and matt, a listener to my (our?) shows who was really cool as well.

one of the things that i really enjoy about talking with social software-type people is that they really feel the same way about what direction this is taking us all in. there’s no “what’s a podcast,” so we get straight into the raw, deep shit that really allows us to go forward with our ideas. not so easy when you’re in a void. i find it hard sometimes to get out of my coccoon and get talkin. funny, considering the whole thing really is about conversations in the first place.

this is one of the reasons i’m glad to take the time and go to this podcast expo with the dudes from the podsafe music network and everyone else. maybe we can challenge ourselves to fistfights or something, i don’t care. i’m just feeling being in person right now, for a change. i’m going to take advantage of it.






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