ioyh 86 – tricky, ghislain poirier, bobby baby, the immaculate machine

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tricky – “crazy claws” off epitaph‘s mission accomplished
ghislain poirier “cold as hell feat. beans”
bobby baby “the some place new”
the immaculate machine – “phone number”






4 responses to “ioyh 86 – tricky, ghislain poirier, bobby baby, the immaculate machine”

  1. rfunk Avatar

    1. I like your old intro. Whether it’s the best intro for your show, I don’t know, but it sounds really cool.

    2. I’m not sure about exchange rates or relative anti-noise effectiveness, but I have a pair of Sony noise-cancelling headphones that I bought for about US$50. They’re much bulkier than my brother-in-law’s US$150 Sennheisers, but they work pretty well at cancelling out low-frequency noise. High-frequency noise doesn’t get cancelled quite as much (if at all) by my Sonys. I actually use them sometimes to listen to music while mowing the lawn.

    3. I thought there was a #3, but now I’ve forgotten it.

  2. [insert clever name] Avatar

    I really enjoyed those last 2 tracks.

  3. Dave from the fake south shore Avatar

    I was surprised by that new intro. I thought it went well with the first track you played, at first I thought the scratching was part of the first track.

    Obviously keep the old intro if you decide to rant/talk for a longer period of time. But I say go with new one for awhile if ya want.

  4. jason Avatar

    i must admit, there’s something about the original opening theme music that just lends itself perfectly to your rants, although the new theme serves a purpose in regards to you wanting to play hip-hop for at least 50% of each show.

    by the way, the MC featured on the Ghislain Poirier track is actually named Beans. he used to be part of a group called Antipop Consortium before they broke up in 2002. after that, he went solo and is enjoying a modestly successful career with constant touring and several albums. the other two-thirds of the group went on to form Airborn Audio. Beans records for Warp Records while Airborn Audio’s on Big Dada/Ninja Tune.

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