ioyh 87 – sort of

alex and i recorded a thing today that consisted of him and i talking about basically everything and nothing, with podsafe tracks in between. go get it here. you can check here for shownotes. (it’ll be up shortly.)

oh, and here’s the pics of the astroturf car we talked about.






5 responses to “ioyh 87 – sort of”

  1. brooke Avatar

    why am i the first to leave a comment? i must not be, it must be under moderation or something. or maybe i’m just on the internet wayyy too much. yep.

    this show was greater than great. i really want to touch that astroturf car.

  2. [insert clever name] Avatar

    Be carefull brooke, touching the car will cause unforeseen amounts of turf car envy.

  3. Kat Avatar

    1) The hideous car parked outside our home is called the Mimi-mobile. It’s awful, but you have to appreciate the chutzpah of someone who would drive that POS.

    2) The Lada is a Russian product, as far as I know. I’ve always wanted one.

    3) I like this podcaster duet thing. You should do this again sometime. You should also keep trying to convince that guy who leaves you messages to start his own podcast, and then team up with him.

  4. Adam Avatar

    I always enjoy the conversation and music on your show. Sharing personal perspectives is what makes podcasting a powerful medium. pppp play on, stay strong.

  5. jason Avatar

    i’m diggin’ the podcast collaboration with alex. certainly wouldn’t mind hearing that on a monthly basis. you guys compliment each other well.

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