ioyh 92 – boom bap project, comme un homme libre, etc.

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this is another collabo-cast between me and alex. i really don’t even have any idea how we filled up such a behemoth of a show. seriously, this thing is crazy, but was amazingly fun to do. ok, jesus. what did we play…

Boom Bap Project (intro)
Comme un homme libre
Gym Class Heroes
Lady Sovereign feat. Ghislain Poirier
Sage Francis
Bronze Nazareth

Have you heard of these motherfuckers??? i don’t think so!! jesus, i’m so indie, i can barely handle it. oh yeah. i also mentioned the great music service Pandora. go here for more thorough show notes.






8 responses to “ioyh 92 – boom bap project, comme un homme libre, etc.”

  1. [insert clever name] Avatar

    Excellent job with the editing/mixdown. Thanks a gazillion (an actual word since 2001) for taking care of the compression/upload.

  2. Kat Avatar

    No, that’s “BAzillion.” I know, because it was on a Trivial Pursuit card last night, wasn’t it Julien?

  3. [insert clever name] Avatar

    Yeah, that’s where I got it from

  4. brooke Avatar

    i can’t believe this pandora thing. i paused your show and started listening to it for about 4 hours. but now i’m listening to the show again.

  5. Chris Avatar

    Did you kick Kurt’s ass at trivial Pursuit?

    Everyone knows Real men “Don’t eat Quiche”!!! 🙂

    Great show by the way!

  6. Dave from the fake south shore Avatar

    Great collab-show… your flatmate is FOS in his Trivial Pursuit prowess… lol. When it comes to Trivial Pursuit, having the answer on the tip of your tongue isn’t good enough!

  7. Deniz Avatar

    Three things:

    #1: I disliked The Arcade Fire before it was cool.

    #2: I went back and listened to Personal Journals after I got A Healthy Distrust, and god damn if it isn’t one of my favorite albums. I guess I never really gave it much of a chance when I got it.

    #3: Anticon rocks my poor little world.

  8. jason Avatar

    the collabocasts are brilliant. you two sound like you’re having way too much fun. please make this a monthly thing. thoroughly enjoyed this one.

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