expozine 2005, etc.

my roommates and i just came back from the montreal expozine, a small press event where indie kids gather in order to see and be seen. this year’s event was far larger than last year’s, in which i participated, not to mention better heated. i saw the regular cats there, as well as my roommate’s very own blackheart magazine, a collection of indie smut published every quarter or so. lots of cool comics abound as well.

i’m going to try and put together a massive podcast tomorrow; i’ve been coming across so much music recently that i want to share with you guys. so wait for that in your RSS feed.

also, what is the interest in IOYH related ‘stuff,’ like stickers and such? i’m putting together some flyers for a hip hop store in montreal, and was thinking about printing some other material, so let me know if you have any interest in this.






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