ioyh 93 – stop die resucitate, roner and tesen, slug, peanut butter wolf

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i just came back from a really cool burlesque show – easily the best one i have ever attended. here’s the show i did earlier this afternoon.

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thanks to stones throw records for letting me play some of the best stuff out there.






5 responses to “ioyh 93 – stop die resucitate, roner and tesen, slug, peanut butter wolf”

  1. [insert clever name] Avatar

    I love the “turn off your cell, and finish your plate or else mentality” of that restaurant but what da dilly with the “No” attitude? I’m curious enough to try it out.

  2. C.C. Chapman Avatar

    That first track was unfucking real good. Dude, how podsafe is it and where can I get permission to play it. Also, the sound of the show was good. I noticed that something was different before you mentioned it and when you said about the room, it made total sense. I like it.

  3. Kat Avatar

    I know I’m being a nitpicker here, but I was the one who found SDR, and they’re not from Montreal, they’re from BC. Otherwise solid, as always.

  4. Dave from the fake south shore Avatar

    Love the theory about the thift stores having only ugly clothes now…
    And what’s the deal with the ‘Vegan Nazi’ restaurant? Seems too Seinfeld-ish to me. I was just in New York last weekend and that Soup Nazi guy sold his restaurant to investors and it’s now a chain. Maybe this resto will become (in)famous some day and they’ll sell too. But I agree with the no cellphone and the ‘finish your meal/dessert or you’re band’ policies.

  5. Phil Avatar

    Hey dude, love the look of the site now, it’s been a while since I was here. Excellent show. One question: WHY THE HELL ARE SO MANY BANDS USING THE WORD “WOLF” IN THEIR NAME?!?!?

    Spirit Lounge is quite possibly my favorite restaurant in Montreal. It is a little pricey, but damn it’s good!

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