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funny enough, but only a portion of the people that showed up last night at la cabane were actually podcasters. it included a bunch of new cats i hadn’t met yet, including zeke of zeke’s gallery, but also loads of listeners and bloggers. this was pretty weird to me; normally, bloggers are like ‘meh’ to podcasting meetings, so it was nice to see a few new faces turn up. (go here for the list.)

i ended up hooking up with dave jaffer of hour magazine fame beforehand and talking about media, our obsessions with it, and our collective mental shrine for shift (r.i.p.), a late 90s late 90s & early 2000s magazine, published in canada, that talked about new media and the internet. i wish it was still available. check out what remains of shift magazine here; i promise you won’t be disappointed.






3 responses to “meet the podcasters”

  1. combatdavey Avatar

    yo – j – quick note:

    shift was published until about 2003. i think. the last issue was the “THE MOST IMPORTANT ARTICLE…” one.

    your site is hype.

    – d.

  2. groundctrl Avatar

    weird, i didn’t think ella and i were together when i saw that issue. i stand corrected.

  3. combatdavey Avatar

    actually, you put “late 90s” but i think shift started out in the early 90s. maybe in 1992. but i may be wrong (read: i’m not wrong).

    – d.

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