i assure you i am not exaggerating when i tell you that i watched a total of seven episodes of Lost today. while i’m not normally at all interested in television, i have been seriously fascinated by this weekly show. but that is far from the point of this entry. it is merely the set up.

as i was about to head to bed, i refreshed my RSS reader of choice and found the following post on the planet capoeira website, which i check back to on occasion:

Planet Capoeira is proud to announce the launch of a new feature at our website – The Roda. This new section is a community blog, were we are inviting capoeiristas from around the world to login and simply share their experiences in capoeira with all of us. We’re impressed with the initial response of people who are interested in doing this. If you’re interested yourself in blogging at a place of people who share your passion for capoeira, by all means email us and we’ll set you up with a account.

this may seem familiar to you if you check out the capoeira posts on my website – although i’m aware that a majority of you very likely skip over them, i enjoy writing them tremendously and was planning a seperate blog for it. i’ve been looking to do this for a really long time, and had been working over the weekend to get it happening. here is the link to what i was working on, in case you’re interested.

now the question becomes, do i devote myself to working on my own blog, or write up all the posts i would’ve otherwise done (what i consider to be half-decent quality work) on their new project? i can’t say i have an answer, but i am very interested in what appears to be developing over there.





3 responses to “synchronicity”

  1. mhp Avatar

    cross post relevant material. customise the posts for their community if necessary. if some posts my only be approriate for cap…ioyh…net and vise versa, then only post them there

  2. Elliott Avatar

    not to undermine the importance of a capoeira blog
    but i got the entire last season of lost on my computer, if u figured out a way how i’d be glad to send it to you

    unrelated: about the pyro guy in velour there used to be some other sweaty dude in an wifebeater who showed up at alot of concerts, people made circles around him as if he were about to break dance quite memorable actually

    anyways im out keep up the good work …

  3. Brian Avatar

    Speaking as the guy behind Planet Capoeira, I would suggest cross blogging at both places 🙂

    And thanks for the mention…

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