supa hoodie

i don’t have a wishlist or anything, but if i had one it would be for one of these hoodies with included mask. you gotta see it to believe it. i was telling ella i wanted one of these just last night, actually, and they now appear to be shipping just for Xmas. nice.

interestingly enough, the moniker which this company uses, ‘Anticon’, is a label i’m very fond of. the two are unconnected, however.





4 responses to “supa hoodie”

  1. [insert clever name] Avatar

    Damn! 85euros for a hoodie! I’m so out of touch with capitalist reality. This hoodie does have apeel. I now have hoodie envie. Oh, look there’s an ad for a hoodie!

  2. Lucas Avatar

    I know it’s “expensive” but it’s because we produce few pieces, good quality,
    and in good working conditions ( no childrens or any kind of slavery manufacture…)
    But if our product reach a certain success, obviously we will try to make it cheaper.

    Thank you & au revoir,


  3. Eric Avatar

    Dude – they look like Klu Klux Klan wear… you can do it man… you just can’t. (Even the other colours aren’t entirely kosher…)

  4. Steve Avatar

    I dunno. It kinda screams Mexican wrestler to me.

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