ioyh 94 – jedi mind tricks, louis logic feat selph titled, antipop consortium, stop die resucitate

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podcasts, you remember those? the good ones sounded a lot like this.

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by the way, i was wrong last show about stop die resucitate – they are from BC, not from montreal… and thanks a lot to warp records for letting me play antipop.

edit: i’m a tool. here’s the link to my roommate’s supa indie show..






7 responses to “ioyh 94 – jedi mind tricks, louis logic feat selph titled, antipop consortium, stop die resucitate”

  1. mhp Avatar

    seriously, do you just forget to add the tag to the RSS feed until hours after posting a show or is the delay due to some behind the scenes magic.

  2. John Avatar

    You mentioned your room mates indie rock show, what is the link?

  3. John Avatar

    Damn, That was show 93 where you mentioned it, but no link there either.

    I’m just keeping you on your toes.

  4. groundctrl Avatar

    mark: it’s seriously just utter laziness.

    john: fixed!

  5. jason Avatar

    “ping pong” – one of the best songs antipop ever recorded. hell, i’m impressed that you got permission from warp records to begin with. at any rate, the entire *arrhythmia* album is just stellar. beans is cool on his own and the airborn audio stuff’s ok, but when antipop was a unit, they were unstoppable.

  6. Marcus Avatar

    Totally fucking true about the Wal-Mart Greeters. I hate that shiw.

    These people need to be chilling with their lives, not having to help some fat fuck asshole get strapped into an electric shopping cart because he’s too fucking obese to actually WALK AROUND in the god damn store.

    Loved 94..


  7. mhp Avatar

    j, it’s all good, i can empathise, i’m a lazy a$$ too

    you sounded different this show, change the setup?

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