ioyh 95 – blueprint, eternia, addek, basement wigger

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after this show, i’m not holding nothing back no more. this is the last nice julien you’re gonna get.

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14 responses to “ioyh 95 – blueprint, eternia, addek, basement wigger”

  1. [insert clever name] Avatar

    Dude, you’re like a podcasting machine

    I say take the gloves off and giv ‘er

  2. Phil Avatar

    Gloves are off, hands are taped, whip out the mo’fuckin brass knuckles, bitch!

  3. Dave from the fake south shore Avatar

    Most podcasts I listen to are tamer than CJAD… which is fine, they do their shit and you do your shit as your doing now or giv’er somemore when you want to. It’s all good.

  4. jason Avatar

    re: podsafe music network offerings in terms of hip-hop, i agree. most of it’s completely and totally wack and you really have to dig through the muck and the mire to find the gold. but things are getting better. off the top of my head, the best offerings thus far on pmn come from jadox, paranorml, my man hired gun, african dope records, and solos records. plus epitaph came through with joints from dangerdoom and blackalicious, so that always helps. but for the most part, for those of us who want to feature hip-hop on our podcasts, it’s all about that back and forth email hustle. a few diamonds in the rough courtesy of pmn does not a diverse podsafe library make.

  5. C.C. Chapman Avatar

    Dude, the opening of this show might have been the best one yet and hearing you taking the gloves off is going to be fun. I can’t wait.

  6. mark - tartanpodcast Avatar

    This podcast is yours – you created it from nothing. You can do with it what you will, play what you will – only you have a say in its future.

    Take off the gloves.

  7. Texafornia Avatar

    I’ve been looking for a good hip-hop podcast and yours is great. Love the polished music, yet the stripped-down talking. This is exactly what the difference is between regular radio and podcasting – The dj is REAL. I’ve only heard this one, and don’t want you to change a thing.

    Great quote:

    “Let’s get some shit done.”

  8. Krash Coarse Avatar

    Be who you are dude! Just don’t be a shock-jock if that’s not who you are. This should be interesting… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Just played Serious Lord of Crunk on AudioPopcorn#27 (gloves-off kinda guy), and got nothing but good feedback… so far ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m standing back and clapping for ya…

  9. Krash Coarse Avatar

    are you getting any return from these fuckin annoying google adsense ads?

    If you are, then tell me, and I’ll shut up


  10. groundctrl Avatar

    not really. i’m trying them for a couple of months to see how it works out. so far it’s a bit obnoxious, but not so disruptive. you’re the only person who has mentioned it.

  11. dj enso / solos Avatar

    jason, et al, thanks for giving daps to our tracks on podsafe music network. much more on our website, too, and all of it is podsafe. keep up the good work, IOYH!!

    dj enso
    solos records sf

  12. Der'ron Edison Avatar
    Der’ron Edison

    I would like to get a copy of Jean Grae’s This Week Album. I like Jean Grae and the song you played of hers on Indie Feed for the ipod was nasty man I loved it. Email me

  13. Jason Avatar

    Ho-ly Shit Julien. Haven’t checked in for awhile, but the title here caught my eye, and GOOD GOOD man, way to speak your mind…

    It’s time to resubscribe…where have i been?

  14. JT Avatar

    Ur podcast is one, if not the best, i have heard. The music u play is the type of music that the radio SHOULD be playing (never gonna happen unfortunately). Keep playing that tru hiphop and never that cRap. Yo, u have any more of those Jean Grae albums?

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