ioyh 96 – madvillain, teargas and plateglass, declan de barra

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i recorded this a crazy long time ago, no idea why i haven’t put it up.

re: my election garble, some interesting writing.

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2 responses to “ioyh 96 – madvillain, teargas and plateglass, declan de barra”

  1. mhp Avatar

    j, thanks for the rage – it helped me get angry and shovel in half the time. Since you are getting snowed in tonight too, can you have more anger casted by the morning, i’ll need it cause the shit isn’t gonna stop falling.

  2. jason Avatar

    yes, i did hear the particular *daily source code* show that you spoke of…it was quite possibly the highlight of my work week. i think it’s safe to say that adam will never make that mistake again…

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