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this is my first live set using podsafe tunes, using a real dj program instead of garageband. in this case it’s all hip hop, but it won’t always be. i’m only learning how to work with these applications, so more complex stuff will start coming out soon.

btw, there’s a decent amount of new material on this podcast – artists you probably have never heard legally on a podcast before (note boldface text below). if you have any labels whose material you would like to hear, ask them about podcasting their material! make it happen for podcasters doing this ish all over the world.

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  • alias – “divine disappointment” (iTunes)
  • edan – “mic manipulator feat. mr lif” (Amazon)
  • dopestyle 1231 – “size double d feat. del tha funkee homosapien” (iTunes)
  • roots manuva – “witness (one hope)” (iTunes)
  • RA the rugged man – “black & white feat. timbo king” (iTunes)
  • outerspace – “151” (Amazon)

please support these artists! big thanks to Big Dada and Nature Sounds, whose excellent artists (roots manuva and RA the rugged man, respectively) are included in this mix for the first time.

also, you’ll note i added all the iTunes/Amazon links to the albums (or tracks) on which you can find these songs. however, if you can think of another online site that i can link to that isn’t such a giant megacorp, by all means pick it up there, and let me know. i’d rather link to a smaller (yet reliable) site.

peace and holla back.



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7 responses to “ioyh 97 – hiphopset 3”

  1. jason Avatar

    i’m just happy to see all these artists and tracks in a podsafe context, particularly roots manuva’s “witness”, probably my favorite song from him. the alias cut that you started with was one of the first i heard out of the anticon camp and i was turned on to the edan/mr. lif collaboration by a good friend of mine. this set’s my favorite out of the hip-hop mixes you’ve done so far.

  2. jason Avatar

    maybe another site you could link to where heads can purchase mp3s is they may not cover everything you play in this set, but i do know that they carry big dada, ninja tune, warp, as well as some others.

  3. Nick Avatar

    Amazing set. I barely heard the transition between the alias hit and edan and had to rewind to hear that you made the synth tie them up. Glad to hear that Alias has lyrics, although he sounds EXACTLY like sole, heh. This marks the 4th and 5th CD that your mixes have prompted me to buy. gj dood

  4. Steve Avatar

    Good choice of songs, but a little clarity about your post please:
    1. What makes this “live” exactly? Are you spinning the songs in a club?
    2. What the hell is a “real dj program”? Is it like my “real worker keyboard” I am using to type this comment with? Are their any fake ones I should be wary of?

  5. Dave Keifer Avatar

    Dude, this is right nice! And Merry Christmas or whatever to you too.

  6. Hob Avatar

    Hey! Heard about your show on the DSC, this is the first one I listened to, very impressive 🙂

    One question though, how were you able to play stuff like Roots Manuva legally on a podcast?

  7. John Avatar

    I like it! Lots of music, not much talking.

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