specialized feeds part 1

had loads of good discussion today with michael from ile sans fil at the local techno hipster joint. we talked a lot about the way that tagging is going to simplify the automated aggregation of data over time, it really got me thinking about what i could do to help you guys get what you want out of this, filter out what you hate (!), and create the kind of dialogue everyone is looking for.

you know in those cyberpunk movies, you have these deckers that are connected to five TV screens at once, watching for, say, information about conspiracy theories, etc.? tagging is going to make these crazy people cream their pants. filter the content, eliminate the filler, increase the ratio of signal to noise. next thing you know you have all the secrets of the world. ok, maybe that’s a little melodramatic.

one of the things i’m going to be doing right away is to create a del.icio.us feed for my show, and showing you how to subscribe to the different kinds of shows i make. for example, if you’re in love with my music sets, but not so much my blah-blah podcasts, i’ll help you get just those (and vice-versa). the concept behind this is to give the listener precisely what they want; admittedly, i would like you to try out both (iTunes, Odeo), but i would also rather you subscribe precisely to what you want rather than unsubscribe altogether because you’re receiving too much stuff.

another thing i’m seriously considering implementing is to create a feed of audio comments for my show. right now, i get a few, but i want simplify the process in order to make the discussions around my show, podsafe music, whatever, to be as dynamic as possible between my listeners and myself. really, there’s very little difference between us, except that i shoot my mouth off more, so let’s hear what you guys have to say! i’m going to work on making the process of listening to this discussion as fun and simple as possible.

so for now, this is the show’s new del.icio.us feed. subscribe to it if you want, and in the next couple of days, i’ll show you a couple of tricks to manipulate the data. once again, a lot of the ideas that we’ll try to implement have michael‘s fingerprint as the source, so check out his blog for some cool stuff.






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  1. mtl3p Avatar

    hey julien
    i enjoyed our conversation yesterday too. I’m glad that you’re psyched about different ways of aggregating / filtering because i think it’s huge and i don’t have anyone in montreal to talk to about it -suprisingly.

    and i love “really, there’s very little difference between us”. not because you said it – but becuase you said it and it seems like you believe it. very cool.

  2. laika

    laika plays a huge role in the indie-web scene in mtl. i ran into julien there yesterday and had a good chat with him about filtering, delcious enclosures, and trying to find the easiest (in terms of HCI) way to…

  3. mhp Avatar

    j, why the del.icio.us feeds? you have everything you need built into WordPress to give you the feeds. Just make the different catergories for Music Set, Rant fest, Audio Comments. You can event make several music type categories, depending on what you want to play. This is what i’ve done with my podcast setup, 3 “shows”: one for music, one for rants, one for other recordings. you can subscribe to a combined feed, or each individually. so far all i have is one of the “shows” casting, they are the recordings from the toronto podcaster meetup on tod maffins tour.

    speaking of conversation, maybe i should make this an audio clip ? you want?

  4. […] (Addendum: Since it came up, allow me to say, before anything, that this concept comes from Michael, not from me. I mentioned this before, but I hadn’t specifically mentioned in this post, so I’m correcting that by doing so now. Capiche? Him, not me. I’m just following up.) […]

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