ioyh 98 – wise intelligent, louis logic, nino malo

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weird, this one has been sitting on my hard drive for a long time, don’t know why i didn’t put it up right away. unlike the last time, i promise when this is up, i’ll also update the RSS right away! ๐Ÿ™‚

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it’s kind of weird, i don’t want to put too much of my favourite music in a podcast at once. i feel like if i put two amazing tracks in, one after the other, there’s less a chance of you guys checking both out – does that make sense?






6 responses to “ioyh 98 – wise intelligent, louis logic, nino malo”

  1. Neil Gorman Avatar

    Hey Julian,

    The set was kick ass, and I hope that you do more of this kind of thing.

    I wanted to ask you what sort of program you used to make the mix?

    Take care.


  2. jason Avatar

    perhaps not playing too many faves at once comes from a concern of shooting your sonic wad all in one podcast, as it were. so you play a bangin’ joint, then take it down a notch with the next one. am i even close? if so, all bets should be off when it comes to your dj sets. when it’s a continuous mix, don’t hold back.

  3. Social Living Avatar

    Goddamn… that Wise Intelligent track might be the hottest song i’ve heard on your show. Damn tasty.

    Hey, check me out, I’m listening to hip hop after all ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. Dave from the fake south shore Avatar

    If the problem with the software/music is the iTunes DRM, I’ve heard you can remove it using a software called JHymn, which you can get from

    I don’t buy music from iTunes for 2 reasons: the DRM and the poor compression rate/sound quality. I want my music free to move anywhere I want it to go and I like my music at the highest bitrate possible (preferrably in a lossless compression format).

  5. Nico Avatar

    Never thought i’d hear cumbia on your show, heh. It was a good tune though ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. [insert clever name] Avatar

    Great show. I just got a 10$ gift certificate from the ITMS as part of a gift exchange at work. This will probably be the first and only time I buy music from apple. I actually had this discussion about how DRM is actually a misnomer. Contrary to what the name would have you think, DRM (digital rights management) manages/prevents DISTRIBUTION. It does nothing to manage the RIGHTS to a song.

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