specialized feeds part 2

since creating this new del.icio.us feed (RSS) for my show a few days ago, i’ve found some advantages to the idea that i hadn’t previously considered. for example, both you (listeners) and i can easily find any podcast in which i have played jedi mind tricks (keeping in mind the list is in progress). so if you’re looking for old shows in which i featured them, you can just check the feed, and you’ll find what you want immediately.

all of this requires a particular and diligent use of tags, but that’s ok. it’s not much additional work to do them as i put a show online. the big thing is going to be tagging past shows, which i do intend to do over time. if you want to help me out with this, feel free to listen to some of your favourite old shows (if any!) and figure out what tags would be appropriate. for example, in tagging show #97, i used all the following tags:

‘alias’, ‘dopestyle1231’, ‘edan’, ‘hiphop’, ‘inoveryourhead’, ‘music’, ‘outerspace’, ‘podcast’, ‘RAtheruggedman’, ‘rootsmanuva’

in the case of this particular feed, a few tags serve a particular purpose: hiphop denotes it as primarily a hip-hop show (i suppose there could be several of these, such as ‘electronic’ or ‘rock’); there is also music, which denotes a music-centric show. this is as opposed to a music/talk show, which i intend to label talk (let me know if you can think of a better term).

anyway, one of the strengths of this tagging is that you don’t require my permission to help in this project. as you’re listening to a show, just create a del.icio.us post (that includes the tag inoveryourhead) that points to the mp3 file and it’ll appear here shortly thereafter, and you can filter further from there. are you looking for in over your head podcasts that are primarily hiphop music sets? that’s right here, and you can even subscribe to the RSS in iTunes. not bad, eh?





3 responses to “specialized feeds part 2”

  1. mhp Avatar

    “not bad, eh?” is more like …. eh, bad… you can subcribe to the RSS in iTunes – but it does not work.
    See screenshot. Did you get this to work… looking at the feed source there is no way for iTunes to know that the mp3 is a playable file based on its xml tag.

  2. groundctrl Avatar

    del.icio.us has been on the fritz ever since it went down around Xmas, but you can subscribe and make it work using the following structure:


    this is proven if you try to subscribe to http://del.icio.us/rss/tag/system:filetype:mp3, which is working right now, but the combination of tags is, as i mentioned, on the fritz. see relevant post here:


  3. mhp Avatar

    i was lazy and didn’t google it, i’ll look at the link.. so _when_ del.icio.us get the hack implemented correctly this will be a great way for us listeners to deliver audio comments to you (or anyother podcaster) and to themselves, without the podcaster having to get in the middle. But come on you cats, you’ve got to speak up or at least type up to get this conversation going.

    if you have subscribed to the working feed you can still see (right now 22:09) my audio comment to you, halfway down, “first (copy of) audio comment for julien ….”

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