subscribing via email

KBCafe appears to have come up with a pretty cool ‘subscribe via email’ rss widget which allows users to, you guessed it, subscribe to an rss feed by email instead of through a regular rss reader. i’m assuming this is something that’s easier for people who aren’t used to using any other program but their web browser, so i’m glad to provide that service here. i’ll put it in the sidebar so you can set it up for yourself if you’d like. basically all you have to do is type in your email address, and you’re good to go. you can obviously unsubscribe at anytime, but if you want to receive posts on a mobile device like mine, for example, it could be good stuff.

i was planning on setting up a mailing list for just this very purpose, but since the need appears to have been satisfied instead, is there still a reason to do this? i sure can’t think of one.





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