review my damn podcast!

it is now possible to review podcasts on the iTunes Music Store! i left one for m-c’s podcast a little while ago, but there are none on mine as of yet. attention legions of fans: please, at least one review? i love you guys, don’t you love me too?





3 responses to “review my damn podcast!”

  1. mhp Avatar

    boo, i don’t have an account so i cannot leave a comment… i’m not giving credit info just to leave a comment, love you too bro, to a point.

  2. groundctrl Avatar

    it doesn’t need credit info, i think, just an email/password.

  3. Krash Coarse Avatar

    I would, if I could get to there without iTunes. Every time I try to install that, my PC does the electronic equivalent of epileptic autism… (it has fits of doing nothing, no matter what you do to it). No more Apple software until I buy a Mac!

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