amazon links: your thoughts

note the amazon link on the previous post and on the right (if you subscribe via the rss feed, i’m not sure if you’ll see it). i decided to experiment with them after several comments via email that people were buying albums after listening to my show.

one of the reasons i have that is that i wanted some images to accompany my posts to add colour – but i’m thinking maybe this is too much. do you prefer something like what was posted on show #98 where it’s just album art? because this is also an option.

anyway, i want your comments on these amazon things: are these lame? let’s have a discussion as to whether or not they should be there. they would pretty much always be albums that i personally own or have played on my show and love. if you find them helpful, they stay, but if you find them disruptive, they can leave. i invite your comments below.





10 responses to “amazon links: your thoughts”

  1. mhp Avatar

    in vienna, my rss aggregator, i get mostly asian and other unicode characters. but it is off to the side so it does not get in the way, but i have to hit your webpage to see it (big pain in the ass)

    almost all the shit i read on the net is through the aggregator, and only hit the actual pages to post comments like this, and bitch about you not updating your feed because i see it in vienna but not itunes

    … but on your page the image is not too much, and i hope you get so profits from it

  2. groundctrl Avatar

    it’s in itunes! i totally put it there!

  3. mhp Avatar

    by the time i noticed the post in the aggregator, itunes already had it download 🙂

    i can almost hear you’re thought process when you did it “fuck, i better put the feed up before that wanker pesters me again”

  4. Patrick Avatar

    I do see the add link correctly in NetNewsWire.
    I have no problem with you putting referrer links to Amazon.
    However, I’d prefer just the album art leading to the site, not that biggish box. Does iTunes have a similar program? If so, you might want to check with your readers, when they say buy they might refer to iTunes. Then again, very possible that the music you play isn’t on iTunes anyway, haven’t really checked.

  5. Kat Avatar

    I have a natural blocking mechanism for ads; had your post not been directly related to the image, I would have filtered it out the moment my uncouncious perceived the Amazon label. Nothing against them, my mind just works that way.

  6. Kat Avatar

    er, unCONscious. typo(s).

  7. groundctrl Avatar

    patrick: the itunes program is only available for americans, so it’s unfortunately not possible unless you have a SSN, if i remember correctly.

    i think i’ll put the album art instead with the link to the same amazon page. less intrusive, no?

  8. jason Avatar

    album art w/link to amazon page – i agree.

  9. Krash Coarse Avatar

    I agree, amazon link with album art only.

    Also concur with Kat, my mind works that way too, unless I hit my “buffer limit”, then I go off on the site owner like a hair-trigger Uzi 🙂 Then I feel much better.

    Just the album art is nice though, not advertising amazon with the image, only the artist.

  10. Nico Avatar

    If the artist had a “buy our cds” section on their website, i’d rather have a link to that than to Amazon. But other than that, i have no problem with the Amazon links.

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