specialized feeds part 3

i’m still working to get this specialized feeds thing working, but del.icio.us is seriously not helping. their last blog entry talks about power outages, and it looks like this may have been affected by it. either that, or i’m way off base.

to get an idea of what we’re going to be doing, take a look at this lifehacker post. as you can see, it is possible to subscribe to RSS feeds that are dynamically created by del.icio.us – these feeds can be comprised of specific users’ bookmarks, tags, or a combination of both. this allows for any combination of tags to be used in order to create an RSS feed or podcast about anything – try this by subscribing to all mp3 files tagged in del.icio.us here.

mark pavlidis has been working with me a bit on this by recording audio comments and tagging them ‘inoveryourhead’ and ‘comment’ in del.icio.us, thus allowing a podcast feed to theoretically be made of audio comments for either my or any other show, made exclusively by users and listeners, without an intermediary. it is a true conversation, with no gatekeepers whatsoever, and i’m very excited about the idea – if only del.icio.us would work the way it says it would, it would be great.

so maybe some help from you guys – why is it so difficult to combine ‘inoveryourhead’ and ‘comment’ tags when it is so simple to do it, with the same syntax, in a user account? has something changed in the way URLs are created, or is there some other piece of the puzzle i’m missing? or is del.icio.us simply not working the way it did? i’m frikkin dying here, i’ve been waiting for this to work again for weeks.






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  1. mhp Avatar

    j, i’m continuing the IM conversation about this here so others can comment.

    the idea is great, depending on del.icio.us getting fixed, because it allows a new podcast to be created by everyone, surrounding your content, and it builds a conversation with no moderation or censorship. if i send you a comment, and you don’t like and don’t play it, conversation ends… this way WE the listeners take control. ok, now that that is clear….

    PROBLEM: what prevents spam comments from being tagged… nothing. then you get stuck with downloading non-conversation content. that sucks.. how can we fix this?

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