enhanced feeds before i change my mind

i talked a couple of days ago with prominent montreal blogger patrick tanguay from the strikingly-named i.never.nu. he asked me if i had yet to make my podcast enhanced – i said no, but asked why. he said he enjoyed listening to my rants but could do without the music. ah, the story of my life.

my response is as such: i will make my next few podcasts available as enhanced podcasts, verify the rates of download versus time commitment involved, and decide if i want to continue. so, if that’s the kind of thing you want (nay, need), make yourself known and download that extra show. do this even if you subscribe to my current podcast feed, if only to let the numbers reflect the popularity of the decision, ok? i’ll do the work to get it nice and segmented with loads of album art or whatever you gen-Y kids are after.





3 responses to “enhanced feeds before i change my mind”

  1. mhp Avatar

    if available i go with the enhanced feed, makes it easy to skip sections (past a bad tune, BS rant [but never yours 🙂 ]) especially while driving.

  2. Bob Avatar

    Am I wrong in thinking that enhanced feed only works with ipods?

  3. Patrick Avatar

    Some of the music man, some! :-p

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