enhanced podcasts now operational

well, that officially took forever, but now that it’s done, you can get the first copy of my podcast in enhanced AAC format (right-click or command-click and select save to get it). it includes chapters, album art, and a few weird pictures of me because i needed filler. you best appreciate.

please keep in mind that, since you’re downloading this file directly for now, it is very important for you to save the file by right-clicking rather than just clicking the link. otherwise you’ll just get random gibberish on your browser. this will be fixed when an enhanced feed is up in the next little bit. it’s available now!

i don’t know why, but the first 10 times or so i tried to make this, i got error -50 “cannot create chapters.” until i finally removed the amazon links, it failed every single time – but when they were removed, it worked, so i started fixing it up. then, on a hunch, i added the amazon links back again and it was working, so it turns out to have nothing to do with the syntax of a URL after all, just another ‘feature’ in the free software. so it goes. i do recommend chaptertoolme as a good method for getting an enhanced podcast made, but just be ready to fiddle a bit. (this last bit was mostly included so that the next person having these errors can find some resource in google to help them out.)





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