hustle theory

it seems that the vibe recently around my social circle has been about selling yourself, promotion, or what we colloquially call hustling. there’s a lot of reasons for this – i think i’m starting to hang out with more people that make their own work, rather than have regular day jobs. this is a big and important change that has started my own mind working in all sorts of crazy directions; although i’ve always considered myself the idiot among whomever i happened to be hanging around, i’m seeing a little more now that i have a bunch of skills that are rather useful in the real world.

to bring us to the point, ella wrote a nice piece earlier this week that revealed similar thoughts than those that i’ve been having, which is pretty cool. just like she says, don’t hustle yourself as though you were a used car salesman, but sell yourself like you believe in what you do (which you should also start doing, btw). next step: actually start caring about what you do.





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