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kinda weird how i planned out this whole show in my head (and even on paper), and then instead of that, this monstrosity came out. i like it though, i won’t lie.

no Listen to My Friends Masturbate on this one, but it’s coming. oh yes.

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aside from being an emcee, sadat x has also been a schoolteacher, a firefighter, and city-league basketball coach.

also: check out for some really cool usage of text messaging, as i briefly mentioned on my show, and neil gorman’s comicology podcast.

the enhanced show is coming in a couple of hours, as soon as i figure out how the hell to make’s up!






3 responses to “ioyh 101 – sadat x, theory, killah priest”

  1. Aliester Avatar

    Re: Your comments on hip hop thug money culture being bought up by kids like milk and cookies.

    You can’t drop out. You can’t not spend money. Maybe it was an option in the past, but the deal now is participation. Get in line. It’s ok.

    Basically it comes down to something that Saul Williams said: that the culture “is where it needs to be”. I think that includes 50 cent.

    And as far as I know, black people in America have always set the tone for the rest of us. The only difference I see now is that more of the artists are getting paid for their work.

    The fact that disenfranchised kids find thug money culture appealing makes total sense to me. I don’t think it is the best lifestyle choice, but for me to try and tell someone that they should do better would only show my inability to see the privileges of my own position.

    Bohemian culture is about choosing to live outside of the norm. What people often fail to recognize is that having that choice is a luxury. To put it another way, you probably wouldn’t get too excited about becoming a vegetarian if you’ve never had the option of putting meat on the table to begin with.

    Just a thought for now… I enjoy your show.. keep on rolling em up nice 🙂

  2. C.C. Avatar

    Add another book to my must read list. Great rants and some cool tunes today as well. The intro to the last track was amazing. The children of children.

  3. jason Avatar

    fantastic show. music and rants really flowed together well this time around.

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