my website sux0rz

tomorrow, an article on podcasting and media democratization is coming out in Hour Magazine, a free Montreal weekly, and is written by Hour contributor Dave Jaffer, fellow Shift Magazine cult follower and adventurer at large.

it is due to this coming influx that i decided to (finally) review some of the elements of my site. i quickly realized that its design serves more the mistress of form than function. this is an error i’m currently trying to remedy – and all the while avoiding an site-wide redesign that would likely cause me a heart-attack.

the result is the elimination of some text in favour of a more iconic approach. i’m doing my best to not obsess over minor tweaks, but i think this is a needed change that greatly improves the navigation of my blog, allowing for a quick grasp of where to go for what. give me some advice in the comments – i’m looking forward to hearing from you to improve its functionality.





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  1. Jon L Avatar

    I think your design works; but there could be some adjustments done in terms of the alignment.

    nice graphic btw; I love the icons.

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