show 102 – hip hop set 4

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i wanted to finish a set before the end of the evening, and just did so now as i am going to bed. i won’t be putting it up onto the feed until morning, but feel free to download it now with this link if you’re into it. otherwise you’ll receive it later on Thursday. remember to try out the enhanced feed if you’re using iTunes and an iPod!

  • Rjd2 – ‘De l’Alouette’ (*)
  • King Geedorah – ‘Antimatter feat MF Doom and Mr Fantastic’ (Amazon)
  • Quasimoto – ‘Bus Ride’ (Amazon)
  • Bootie Brown (Pharcyde) – ‘I Smoke’ (iTunes)
  • Felt – ‘Life Vegas’ (Amazon)
  • Masta Killa – ‘Secret Rivals’ (iTunes)
  • Madvillain – ‘Accordeon’ (iTunes)
  • Liferexall – ‘Interlude 3’ (a bit hard to find – try here?)

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it’s funny, because these things get both easier and harder as i do them. they get easier because i understand the software better, but they get much harder because i want to do more challenging things and am not sure how yet.

update: the enhanced show is up! subscribe to it here.

(*) – none of the versions of Since We Last Spoke by Rjd2 had the full 14 tracks that my version has, except here at, if you’re interested. great album.



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3 responses to “show 102 – hip hop set 4”

  1. jason Avatar

    the segue from bootie brown into felt – sounds like the tempo got faster on the former (without changing the pitch) so you could beat match with the latter. so what program are you using for your powerbook in order to do this?

  2. Alex Avatar

    Fuck YEA!

    So I’m a few eps behind and I just got to the Felt track on this and holy fuck am I happy. RJD2, Felt, MF Doom… shit man this mix is tight. Keep that shit up J, I’m hooked.


  3. YoMama Avatar

    fuckin garbage dude … straight doo doo … I bet’s not see ur ass on the street too!

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