welcome hour readers

(this will stay on top for a while.)

if you’re here from the Hour, i just want to say welcome and thanks for checking out the stuff i do here. you can (obviously) find my shows by clicking the podcast link on the right and subscribe in iTunes with this link. this will allow the shows to be delivered to your computer as they come out.

update: the article itself. the american flag behind me is a painting of my roommate Kurt’s (and is supposed to be ironic). also, you can subscribe to this blog very easily – take a look here to find out how.





5 responses to “welcome hour readers”

  1. Eric Jean Avatar

    Pretty nice article, actually. But were you really the first?!?

    Anyway. Cudos, once again.

  2. Blitzkrieg Avatar

    Hi Julien,
    Indeed I was directed here by the Hour.Great work,btw!
    I am going to be writing an article about podcating for my school newspaper.I was wondering if there was anyway I could get to talk to you sometime soon, preferably by this weekend.


  3. groundctrl Avatar

    eric – yes indeedy.

    mohit – sure, i’ll email you.

  4. dave Avatar

    jules —

    just wanted to say thanks for contributing to my article, and that i hope we get a chance to work together in the future.


    – dave jaffer

  5. dave Avatar

    jules —

    make sure neil knows he got press. i’m sure it’ll help him out.

    – dave

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