Roadsworth faces criminal charges

Hey Friends,
Our favorite artist-cum-‘criminal’, Roadsworth (a.k.a. Peter Gibson), who was arrested last year and faces 53 accusations of mischief for stencilling Montreal streets is facing his court case this Tuesday, January 17th at 9:30 AM at the Montreal Municipal Courthouse (775 Gosford Street, Rm. 1.90 Metro Champs-de-Mars). Anybody who doesn’t know his work, will recognize it when you see it. Check out here.

It would be great if you could come out and show some courtroom solidarity, as the charges he faces for making art in our city streets could have serious penalties. Come have a coffee and hear the proceeding for as long or as little as you can spare on Tuesday morning. Having a full house can make an impact on the judge. Why not remind the lawyers and judges that the community is watching, and that we believe that art that might transgress the norm is a freedom to be protected.

(via Vu d’Ici)

Roadsworth is also showing new work at Blizzarts (3956A St-Laurent) beginning on the 26th of January. show your support by checking out his work (some of it has been documented on flickr here).





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