Show 104 – How to keep your kids off 50 cent, part 2

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whether any useful information is actually delivered or not, we had a good time making this thing. and damn did i learn a lot trying to edit it. sorry about some of the quality of this thing, but that’s how we run over here at ioyh.

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3 responses to “Show 104 – How to keep your kids off 50 cent, part 2”

  1. Matt Lubniewski Avatar


    This is exactly the type of thing I was hoping for when you said 2006 was going to see a whole new level for IOYH. The mixed content show is a nice change of pace. I like the mix of hip hop mixes, interviews, and your typical show. Keep killing it.


  2. Jake Avatar

    Dude, you didn’t put the artists’ and songs’ names up.

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