Show #105 – Supernatural, Tragic Shell Suit Disaster, Grouch & Eligh, J.P. Mortier

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The first traditional show in over a week. Lots of good music today, not just hip-hop! And even if it was, you’d be allowed to like hip-hop! (Listen for explanation.)

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5 responses to “Show #105 – Supernatural, Tragic Shell Suit Disaster, Grouch & Eligh, J.P. Mortier”

  1. Alex Avatar

    This Tragic Shell Suit Disaster track is pretty interesitng… thanks, as usual, for the hook up 🙂


  2. Alex Avatar

    BTW, given that you’re posting a lot of amazon links, have you thought about using their new tagging interface? It’d be kind of kewl to search Amazon via an inoveryourhead tag and see a listing of all the music played. Just a thought.

    And done with the show. Great ep, with some very diverse tracks. Thanks!


  3. jason Avatar

    “so, do you play mostly hip-hop?”

    “yes, but not exclusively.”

    seriously, that should be the standing answer. for all still curious, you’ll reel them in. for all others who scoff, screw ’em.

  4. John Avatar

    Hey Julien,

    Really dig the show… enjoyed the Tragic Shell Suit Disaster track. It looks like you can listen to all his stuff on his site, but can you actually buy it anywhere? Keep up the good work.


  5. starzero Avatar

    what about those of us who came to your podcast because you play hip hop? not only that, you play good, no, great, nay, fucking awesome, hip hop. your rants are diverting too, but it’s the music, man.

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