Tagging on Amazon?

Another day, another cool way to tag stuff on the internet.

I was alerted by listener Alex that it is possible to tag content on Amazon with whatever you want. In this case, he has tagged the following albums with ‘inoveryourhead’. This could help people find albums on Amazon simply by looking for that tag. Pretty useful feature.

The weird downside in this case is you can’t view it outside the US for some reason. I get an error message when I click that link. I can’t justify that or explain it away (it is in beta) – but please give it a shot if you feel like it, and add to the list. The easier it becomes for people to find music, the cooler it becomes!





4 responses to “Tagging on Amazon?”

  1. God Avatar

    I am in US and getting error also

  2. ba Avatar

    can you ask your friend from episode: get your kids off 50cent episode 1.

    what exactly a intimidation stance looks like

  3. Alex Avatar

    It’s.. odd, but I’m getting an error now too… and I no longer see the tag area I did earlier.. wtf…


    amazon has a help page on the subject but… doesn’t seem to have the interface?


  4. ba Avatar

    oh, its the b-boy stance… i get it.

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