Before the event

My computer is slowing to a crawl. I’m uploading about 300 photos and five videos onto my machine before I move them all onto flickr pretty much without editing. I know it isn’t the smartest thing to do (or the coolest looking) but I’m trying to give a good idea of what’s going on here. I am currently backstage at the Bell Centre, on the evening of the Cirque premiere of Delirium.

One thing: we’re definitely not taking ourselves seriously. M-C is taking pictures of me in front of goofy things, and vice-versa. We’re having fun. The American media (who we were let in with) are not having any fun at all, obviously. We’re doing this for the hell of it, and they’re doing it so they can keep making downpayments on their SUV. I like this side of the fence better.

Here’s some photos from before the event, while we were backstage. Much more on its way. Enjoy.

Oh, and Alex: this is for you!





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    What? No midgets? What a ripoff! I wanted midgets damnit! Hook a brother up.

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