Delirium photos

I just uploaded a bunch of pictures to Flickr, go check them out.

The Cirque people treated us well, I gotta say. No difference between journalists and us as far as they were concerned. Security at the Bell Centre, on the other hand, is another story entirely. Despite explicit permission from the Cirque people allowing us to take pictures (though we were worried for a while), they entirely shut us down about a third of the way through the show. I am happy with what I got, but very disappointed with what I missed and could have brought to the table.

It’s obvious that the pictures taken here are of an entirely different nature than those taken by professional journalists. Both M-C and I agree that we never really want to be doing what they do, get the perfect shot, etc. We hope you like what we put up – we have a little bit of video and audio, interviews and such, that which will be up later today as well. Take care.





6 responses to “Delirium photos”

  1. Kevink Avatar

    Thank you so much for posting your awesome pics !

  2. Lee Avatar

    Amazing show!! i saw it on yesterday night and wow, what an production. really cool that picture do exist. i have a buring question, i am assuming the opening band was the same for all days. Some fusion-rock musicians, Greek so it seemed, the guy with his bouzouki being projected on the entire screen….i loved them. Do you happen to know their name, or know how to find out? thank you for blogging the event.

  3. Andrew J. Fulks (the DJAJ Podcast) Avatar

    Hey Yo love your show. I wasnt a real fan of hip hop till i checked out your show. Now love to hear your new hip hop you play. Thats real hip hop not the radio crap. also love what you talk about. I’ve been an avid listener ever since the podcast expo episode of the podshow music rewind. So keep up all your cool stuff.

  4. Kevink Avatar

    Where is your review? Can you give a thumbs-up or a thumbs down?

  5. ba Avatar

    hey julien, check out your thingy on

  6. Krash Coarse Avatar

    Great pictures J!
    CDS has always been a show to see live, not on TV. The magic is in being there, and your pictures do a good job of capturing that. Really cool to see how rudimentary everything is backstage, how these folks live.

    Do a podcast! even a short one, maybe a conversation with M.C. about the experience.

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