Hang the MC?

Alex pointed me to a piece about hip-hop and violence on CBC.ca yesterday. It talks a bit about 50 Cent and hip-hop, and reminded me on my podcast piece How to Keep Kids Off 50 Cent. Take a look at the article here – I wish I could find a way to comment, but nothing on the site leads me to the impression that they are interested in such.

I’m sitting amongst a small group of black adults, the men in baggy jeans and jackets, the women in short skirts and full effect. Down the row, there’s a preteen girl who’s a dead ringer for Jonathan Lipnicki, the child actor who played Renée Zellweger’s son in Jerry Maguire. Looking past her (and, I guess, her family), the coliseum is two-thirds full, with much more of the same. This is the youngest, whitest crowd I’ve seen at a rap concert.





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  1. zack Avatar

    this “glorification” of gang violence has caused these shootings i believe.

    NWA bluntly talk about shooting police in “fuck the police” no one went out and shot police officers. But NWA wasnt about the bullshit that 50 cent is about. It may be the same violent message, (although “fuck the police” was more of a social commentary) but the way its presented is the key part of its effect.

  2. Rosy Avatar

    so, i don’t know where to leave this comment, but right here feels pretty good.
    i love the show. seriously. Both the music and commentary are interesting and entertaining.
    the only thing that bothers me is that you rarely say what song you just played, so sometimes i hear a song that i think is amazing and don’t know how to listen to more.

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