One question, one goal

Q: What is / are your favourite underground hip hop podcast / podcasts? (Note: This isn’t a trick question.)
Do you only listen to mine, or do you listen to others? I’m looking for a resource on the web, and I can’t find one, so you and I are going to make one together.)

Goal: As I have mentioned before, I have succeeded in my goal to become the first Julien Smith in Google listings (though I’m sure the French graphic designer by the same name was a nice guy). My next goal is to become the first Julien on Google. (Thank Seth Godin for bringing out my egomaniacal tendencies.) If you want to help me out and be part of a winning team (!?), link to me from your blog or website just like this (in the sidebar or whatever): Julien – your favourite Julien ever will thank you. Good night, and God bless.






7 responses to “One question, one goal”

  1. Jason Avatar

    You’re egomaniac tendencies needed to be brought out, you say?

  2. Matt Avatar

    There are no hip-hop podcasts. What a shame. Ha ha ha ha!


    Adam Curry

  3. jason Avatar

    yours and alex’s, of course.

    and i will admit to listening to hoodhype, but mainly for the interviews. musically, they’re hit and miss.

  4. dex digital Avatar

    Well, I’ve gotta shout out my own, I guess, since it’s my favorite, anyway.

  5. JMack Avatar

    you can’t go wrong with 😉

    Anything is hit or miss depending on your taste. Anything creative is
    subjective. give it a listen!

  6. […] The list so far, in alphabetical order, starts from the hip hop podcasts I got here, as well as my personal list. This will be updated as I receive more, so get in touch. […]

  7. dj r dubz Avatar

    The Sunday Night Smoke Sessions Hosted By DJ R Dubz and J-One… Live every Sunday nite at 7 pm central and up for on demand replay after that.

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