I’m a lensmaster somehow

I just made myself a Squidoo lens. I don’t even know why – I’m putting things together, but not finding it amazingly convenient so far. Anyone see real value in this? Help me figure it out dammit.





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  1. seth godin Avatar

    Hi Julien

    I think the key to “getting” squidoo is to figure out why you want a lens. When a lens is working right, it gives the user a signpost, a series of links and brief explanations and RSS feeds and products that make it easy for that person to navigate an idea.

    If you look at http://www.squidoo.com/cookies, you’ll see Martha Stewart on Cookies. Or http://www.squidoo.com/rem gives you Rolling Stone magazines starting point on REM.

    Of course, a lens can be about you! For example, http://www.squidoo.com/seth is about… well… me.

    You could highlight your best blog posts, your favorite musical groups, books, the blogs you read, etc.

    Good luck with it


  2. mhp Avatar

    Yet another site dedicated to sucking up some of your attention aggregating more information that is already out there. My attention is already spread thin, probably too thin, how does one keep up with it all. When will it end…. If you aggregate what you aggregate, what you ……. then you get grey goo, meaningless grey goo.

  3. Lewis Avatar

    No Squidoo result for a search for REM?

    Should there be?

    I just wrote a blog post about The Long Tail.

    Here’s a lens by the author of the book:


    The rem lens doesn’t need to come up for such a silly term for it to be found via a load of other terms.

    Good luck,


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