G7’s podcast

G7 Welcoming Committee has a podcast, and it rocks. I supported their music a long time ago, playing tracks by Clann Zu (RIP), Bakunin’s Bum, and Greg Macpherson, among others. It’s awesome they have their own thing.

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(Thanks Phil!)





2 responses to “G7’s podcast”

  1. mhp Avatar

    What a goldmine feed, and not just for the great tunes. It includes spoken bits from Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn too. Too cool J, thx!

  2. Muad'Dib Avatar

    Chomsky? Chomsky? badassssssss!!!! i knew you were a revolutionary. Please plug my show again, my stats look like shit, i need to stop releasing a show ever six months, but they take a fing long time to finish.

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