20 Ideas For a Great Podcast

A great post that’s being spread around: 20 Ideas For a Great Podcast, which reads more like “20 mistakes most podcasts make.” I’m probably still guilty of some, even after a year and a quarter of making them. I’m continually trying to tighten that stuff up.





3 responses to “20 Ideas For a Great Podcast”

  1. Steve Avatar

    Lotsa great points. The only one I don’t like is number one. Not every podcast is the same. The content should dictate the length. As much as I sure don’t want to listen to boring rambling for a half hour, I would like to hear more than 2 songs and some banter.

    I listen to radio shows that are more than 15 minutes in length. And enjoy them. Little Steven’s Underground Garage comes to mind. It runs for 2 hours (including ads and what have you). And I would gladly download it every week if it was a podcast.

    I would rather change the rule to:
    “1. Podcasts should be short. 30min is not too long. Unless it’s just jam packed with boringness.”

  2. Andy Doan Avatar

    Thanks for pointing this article out. I’ve got a lot of work to do on my podcast. I agree with Steve about the time limit issue, but I get the point where it means shorten it where you can.

  3. Purple Dave Avatar
    Purple Dave

    I think I could rope Steve into agreeing that the list should be expanded to 21 to accomodate “Make Little Steven’s Underground Garage” a podcast. If any radio show out there deserves it, that’s about five of them wrapped up into one tidy little package. Besides, I so regularly find myself unable to catch it when it’s airing, and it’s a bit of a pain to be tied to the computer to pull in the streaming broadcast.

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